Jul 19, 2017

Frank talk with...

the doc!

Yes, I probably pulled or tore something but apparently both legs look the same and nothing is bulging which is a good sign. By the time I got in to see the doc it had been two weeks and starting to feel a little better. Thing is it's time now to start exercising!

So I got a scrip which is supposed to hasten the healing process and I'm going to start my walkies and I'm working towards a secret goal.

I do really want to get back in shape because as the doctor said it's not so much about building as much as it is about maintaining and I do want to maintain everything as long as I can.

If this is the worst I deal with I’m a lucky guy!

On another note I ran some errands today. I had taken a book out of the local library and then had left it on the train. I filed a report with lost and found but Metro North hasn't gotten back to me AND I HAVE GONE TO LOST AND FOUND IN GRAND CENTRAL TO CHECK!

In the meantime I ordered the exact same book from Amazon, THE EXACT SAME BOOK!

And the library which does get a discount on books won't take it as a replacement!


This is the big library over in White Plains. What total assholes to deal with too. I don't use the term lightly but the woman I dealt with was an automaton and just kept repeating herself without giving any reason.


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